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Cits Dog Water Tap Feeder - suņu dzirdinātava ūdens krānam

Cits Dog Water Tap Feeder - suņu...

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Tootja: Cits
Pets24.ee kaubakood:1605808
Tootekood: TRR2004
Pretensiooni esitamise aeg: 12 kuud

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Dog feeder for water tapUnique product disainitud to keep your dog hydrated at all times. By attaching this feeder to a water tap, your pet has access to unlimited water. Owners of outdoor dogs need not worry about empty water bowls. Feeder is disainitud much like a hamster feeder, your pet simply licks the faucet feeder to quench his thirst. You can be assured that his water is always clean and fresh even when you are away. This product is ideal for busy owners who need the convenience of a water feeder and may not have time to freshen water frequently, especially in warm weather when your pet requires more hydration.
• Fits faucets and garden hoses

• Fresh water source 24/7

• Aluminum nozzle attaches to outdoor faucet without tools

• Fast and easy training, dogs learn how to use it almost immediately

• Feeder is activated when dog licks the lever

• Shuts off automatically

• Compatible with 1" tap without adapter
Size: h 8,5 cm, d 3,1 cm, thread 1".
Various colors.

Cits Dog Water Tap Feeder - suņu dzirdinātava ūdens krānam

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