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Canvit Biocal Plus for dogs 230g

Canvit Biocal Plus for dogs 230g

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Canvit Biocal PlusFor proven mineral deficiencyCalcium and phosphorus for support of bone growth and regeneration
Canvit Biocal Plus is a source of calcium and phosphorus with excellent biological availability. It’s enhanced with collagen for support of proper development, growth, and regeneration of bones, joints, and teeth.
Canvit Biocal Plus prevents calcium deficiency in nursing females.
Calcium and phosphorus are mineral elements essential to proper development and function of bones, joints, teeth, and muscles. Collagen is a structural component of bones and joints and protects their strength and elasticity. A deficiency of these elements results in poor development of the skeleton, slower healing of fractures, and weakness. In nursing females suffering from hypocalcemia, it can lead to muscles spasms and loss of consciousness (eclampsia).
Supports proper development and growth of bones and joints in puppies and growing dogs
Supports treatment of fractures and convalescence following musculoskeletal surgery
Prevents calcium deficiency in nursing females (eclampsia)
Feed tablets directly from the hand or crushed in food during growth, treatment of fractures, or nursing. The dose may be doubled in the case of calcium or phosphorus deficiency.
Recommended daily dose:
1-2 tbl per 5 kg body weight
One tablet contains:
calcium 90 mg, phosphorus 30 mg, collagen 100 mg
230 g (230 tbl, 115-day supply for dog of 20 kg)

Canvit Biocal Plus for dogs 230g

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