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Suomen Kissa - silica gel filler 3.8L/1.5kg

Suomen Kissa - silica gel filler 3.8L/1.5kg

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Tootja: Suomen Kissa
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Silica gel filler perfectly absorbs and blocks unpleasant odors.

Silicone cat litter prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria. Cat litter is economical and does not require frequent replacement.

Absorbent silica gel, environmentally friendly, safe and easy to use! It is maximally dust-free, free of allergens, toxins, odors and fragrances.

  1. Pour the litter into a clean and dry cat litter box in a 3-5 cm thick layer. If the box has a grid, pour the litter under the grid.
  2. Regularly collect solid waste in a garbage bag and add fresh filling to the required level.
  3. Change the box filling at least once a month.
  4. The filling must not be thrown into the sewer.

Suomen Kissa - silica gel filler 3.8L/1.5kg

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