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5% discount

NB! The bonus system is valid only for orders placed in the online store!

The Bonus Club is a cumulative discount system in which all registered users automatically participate.
New registered customers are credited 5 € to the Bonus Account.

Bonus Club Rules

1. When purchasing goods from a registered account for yourself, friends or organizations on, the amount indicated in the product cards is credited to the client's bonus account. The bonus amount depends on the price, product category and the promotions held.

2. The available bonuses can be used as a discount when paying for orders. The possible discount amount is displayed when placing an order. If the bonus amount exceeds the amount of the possible discount, the remaining bonus amount remains on the client's account.

3. The bonus amount is credited to the client's bonus account on the 15th day after receiving the order.

4. In case of cancellation of the order and return of the goods (including the warranty case), the credited bonus is withdrawn.

5. The bonus is counted only in the case of self-checkout in the online store. In case of placing an order in the store, by e-mail or otherwise, the bonus is not credited.

6. Accumulated bonuses cannot be obtained with money, the bonus can only be used to pay for orders on

7. Accumulated bonuses cannot be transferred to other users.

8. Accumulated bonuses can be used within 3 (three) months from the date of accrual. Then the overdue part of the bonus amount is burned.

9. If the bonus is used together with another discount (for example, a discount code), the rule applies: first of all, the bonus is deducted from the order amount and only after that another discount is applied if the conditions of its use are met.

10. The accumulated bonus cannot be used to pay for certain types of goods: gift cards, digital photo printing and others.

The registered customer made an order for the amount of 150 €. After 15 calendar days after receiving the order, 7,50 € will be credited to the bonus account.

NB! Accrued bonuses are not reflected on the issued documents.


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